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Hello and welcome to the BFH Blog! Here I write bi-weekly pieces on advice to seniors, tips you will need for college, BTS on sessions, and so much more!

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January 2, 2021

So what exactly is a BFH Senior?

Truthfully there are thousands of High School students across the country who are finishing school and looking for Senior Photos, and there are almost as many photographers as students (okay maybe not, but there are a LOT of other photographers out there).

So why should you hire me? What makes me different?

For starters, I do not work with every single family who finds me! I take a very limited number of sessions per year, and I make sure each session counts. To do this, I need to find the right senior and the right family

I’m looking for those rare few who understand that life comes down to a few moments…and this is one of them.

My BFH Seniors are dreamers and adventurers with a passion to change the future for the better and a commitment to preserve moments from the past. Just like me.

Pick any three BFH Seniors at random, and you’ll notice a few things. At first glance, they might not appear to have a lot in common. They will not all shop at the same stores, they are certainly not all going to the same universities, and many of them are not even from the same towns and states. The thread they all share is much stronger than any of that.

The lucky few who get to call themselves Blue Fire Hydrant Seniors all place an emphasis on compassion and meaningful friendships. They value excellence over excuses. Community over competition. They cherish moments made tangible and invest in heirloom artwork because they understand that once a moment passes, it is gone for good.

A commitment to helping others through mentorship and a strong sense of morality ensures that as the ranks of BFH Seniors grow each year, there is always room at the table for more friends.

I’m Stephanie Dorah, and I’m the proud owner of Blue Fire Hydrant Photography, which provides a boutique Senior Photo experience centered on documenting friendships, strengthening connections, and building community while providing artwork, heirlooms, and relationship driven mentorship for generations to come.

If you feel like you or your senior are a good fit for me, I would love to talk. Fill out this quick form here and I’ll be in touch!

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