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August 17, 2023

Is My Teen Too Old for Professional Portraits?

If you recognize the importance of regular family portraits, you might be wondering, “When do my teenagers become too old for this?” As your neighborhood family and senior portrait photographer in Takoma Park, Maryland, let me assure you – no one ever ages out of professional photos! It’s awesome to want to freeze time and keep track of your family’s growth. But remember, your teenager’s feelings matter too.

Before you rush to book a family photo session, here are a few things to mull over:

Talk to your teen about the shoot. They might not be as excited as you are, and that’s okay. Invite them to plan the session with you. They’ll feel included and might even start to look forward to it. Think about why you’re taking these photos. Are they for your eyes only, or will they be Christmas gifts for the entire extended family? If they’re just for you, maybe opt for a chill setting like a family day out, instead of a more formal session. Teens and smiles? Not always a match. They’re figuring stuff out, so try to be patient. The photo shoot is about capturing real moments, not just the postcard-perfect ones. Without the pressure, you’d be surprised to see how they loosen up and show natural smiles.

Here are some tips to get your teens ready for the shoot:

Bring them in on the planning. Ask their opinions on the shoot location, outfits, and the overall vibe. They’ll feel heard and less like they’re being dragged into this. Plan to take a break during the session for water, a light snack, and bathroom break. Don’t just stick to posed photos! Candid moments are gold. This is especially true for teens, who might feel a bit weird when asked to pose. Above all, have fun! This is about making memories and celebrating your family. Don’t stress about getting the perfect shot. Just relax and enjoy the moment!

Here are some cool ideas for a teen-focused photo session:

Take a hike or nature walk. You’ll get awesome photos and some exercise. Win-win! Play a sport or a game. Shooting hoops or a frisbee game can give you some great, authentic moments. Pack a picnic and head to the park or beach. It’s a great setup for a casual photo session. You can also visit a local attraction. From a zoo to a botanical garden, there are so many fun places to do your session in the Takoma Park area. I can help you decide!

If you’re considering a shoot with just your teen, here are a few themes:

Fashion-themed shoot: If your teens love fashion, let them show off their style. They can experiment with outfits and poses. Music or dance-themed shoot: If your teens are into music or dance, let the shoot reflect that. They can pose with their instruments or show off their dance moves. Sports-themed shoot: For sporty teens, a sports-themed shoot is perfect. They can show off their best moves. Creative theme: Let your teenager brainstorm a unique theme for their shoot. The sky’s the limit!

As your local Takoma Park photographer, I’m here to guide you through your family photo session or a senior portrait session! We’re lucky to have so many cool outdoor locations around here. So, don’t let your teen’s age stop you from capturing family memories or scheduling a solo portrait session for them. Remember to consider their feelings and stay open to their ideas. With some planning, a bit of patience, and a friendly photographer (that’s me!), you can create photos that your family will cherish forever.

Looking to book a portrait session for your family or your teen in the Takoma Park area? At Blue Fire Hydrant Photography, I love helping families create beautiful memories. Let’s chat and make magic happen! Wondering when to schedule your teen’s high school senior portrait session? Check out the answer here!

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